How to brew coffee without coffee maker

In this post, we would like to brew our coffee without a machine or a coffee maker.  We only need some basic materials available at home.  The materials are somewhat readily available even in a small home.  So if you are a coffee lover, you can try brewing your own coffee at home.

Since I started working at home when the lockdown started due to COVID-19, I mostly drink my instant coffee because I forgot to bring my small coffee maker from the office.  Sometimes, I buy my brewed coffee outside before I work but this proves to be inconvenient.  I usually buy some donuts and coffee to a nearby Dunkin Donuts.  If I have some extra cash, there is Starbucks also nearby.  My taste for coffee varies, so even the brewed coffee from 711 is also okay to me.  This morning, we will try to prepare our morning coffee using only what's available in our home.

Materials needed:

  • Ground coffee
  • Filter paper
  • Electric kettle
  • Mug


  1. Prepare your materials needed listed above.
  2. Place the filter paper on top of the mug.
  3. Put the ground coffee into the filter paper.
  4. Boil some water.
  5. Now, pour slowly the hot water into the ground coffee.
  6. Let it drip slowly.
  7. Continue the process until you achieve the desired amount of coffee.

Please watch my video here:

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