Corned Beef: Filipino Breakfast to the Next Level

Filipinos always need breakfast to start their days.  Even simple meals can satisfy our cravings for a morning meal.  Our usual favorite breakfast can be some fish or meat partnered with sunny side up egg and fried rice.  From one generation to the next, this food has been loved.  We can even have just a cup of taho for breakfast.  We can even have this simple bread pandesal with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

The good news is that we can still make our breakfast more exciting.  Even if we just open a can of sardines or corned beef for our breakfast, we can still make some delightful meals out of it.  Corned beef has been with us for generations.  It has been one of the most favorite breakfasts by Filipinos.  But did you know that we can trace back the history of this amazing food to the Irish in the 1600s? Yes, this is true.  They thought of it when they discovered that meat cannot go bad when cured in an ample amount of salt.  It was in Cork, Ireland when the first large quantities of it had been produced.  However, it was not until 1825 when it was largely exported.

We can make recipes that will bring our beloved corned beef into a new level.  We cannot just eat it straight from the can with rice or bread, but we can do more and bring to the next level.  But I still cannot bring away the fact that, I always love my corned beef sautéed with fresh tomatoes on the side.

Corned Beef Hash

Although corned beef is an international food, it has been localized by the “silog” industry.  It has been a cliché in the cooking world.  But, still, we can be trendy while cooking corned beef.  One recipe is the so called “Corned Beef Hash”.

It’s easy to cook actually.  First, you dice the onions and the potatoes into tiny cubes.  Now melt the butter in a skillet (it should be on mid-low heat).  After that, join the potatoes and the onion with the butter.  Cook them until the potatoes are already fork tender.  Hash the garlic and put it to the mixture.  Cube the corned beef into small cubes and then—join it to the mixture too.  Now, season the assortment with dry mustard, paprika, salt and pepper.  When this is done, cover the skillet and lower the heat.  Let it be cooked for 20 to 30 minutes.

While waiting, you can fry an egg which you can serve with the above recipe.

About the serving, you can do it by topping the corned beef on hash browns or stuffing them in a grilled bell pepper.  However, you can also serve it “as is”, together with rice or bread.

Corned Beef Omelet 

Another elite looking recipe of corned beef is the “Corned Beef Omelet”.  It’s also easy to prepare.  First, you beat the eggs in separate bowl.  Join it with milk and ground pepper until frothy.  After doing this, you set it aside.  You go now to a nonstick pan where you will heat oil and then sauté onions until they are soft.  When they are soft already, put the corned beef and cook it for 3 minutes before transferring it into a bowl.  Set this aside again.  However, get half of the corned beef and mix it well with the egg.

Now, in the same pan, you must melt butter.  Remember to maintain the low heat.  After that, you pour the egg mixture.  Cook it until it slightly set.  When it’s done, get the other half of the corned beef and grated cheese and put them over the cooked egg mixture.  Continue cooking until the bottom of it is golden.  When it’s okay, fold the omelet over.

When you are done cooking, you can just slide it on a plate and you will have a delicious corned beef omelet for your breakfast.

Indeed, corned beef has been part of Filipino salu-salo.  You just have to be inventive and creative in order to give your corned beef a twist.

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