Dinner Ideas - Chicken Adobo on a bed of Sautéed Broccoli

Here's a not so conventional Filipino dinner using chicken adobo as your primary meat of choice.

I made the plating in a very quick way and I am not really good at it.

First, I fried some scrambled eggs.  Sautéed the broccoli in crushed garlic and olive oil and seasoned with ground pepper and salt.  This was done in just 2 to 3 minutes to retain the crispness of the vegetables.  Then I put that on top of the scrambled eggs.

Now, I reheated the chicken adobo previously prepared allowing to brown a little bit in a pan.  While doing this, I add some sauce while heating.

I then put the chicken adobo on top of the broccoli.

The quantity if each component may depend on your appetite.

What I noticed is that somehow the flavours of adobo blended well with the sweet tangy taste of the broccoli.

This dinner is so unconventional to a Filipino palate.  I guess, I don't know yet if this dinner can be enjoyed by a few.  I just like the feeling of eating somehow different using innovations in preparing Filipino food.  Somehow, I enjoyed my dinner.

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