My Top 5 Healthy Filipino Dish

A number of healthy and tasty Filipino foods can be included here, but a few only get into my list.  I narrow my list into five all time favorite Filipino dishes which include fish, vegetables, chicken and beef. 


This Ilocano favorite is an appetizing vegetable dish cooked altogether that usually contains ampalaya, eggplant, tomatoes and everything that can be fresh from your backyard garden.  There are a lot of variations.  Shrimp paste or bagoong is usually added for taste.  With moderation of the bagoong (this can make it salty when too much), this is a healthy vegetable dish containing a lot of fiber and vitamin A because of green leafy veggies.

Sinigang na Isda

Fish is always a healthy alternative to meat.  Cooking it in a sour broth of tomatoes and tamarind makes it really tasty.  Just make sure to only use fresh tamarinds and not the instant ones packed with lots of salt and MSG.

Chicken Adobo

How can you make a healthy Chicken Adobo?  I always remove the skin and other fatty parts of the chicken, so it can be a healthy meat.  Without the fat, chicken is a high source of protein that I need for my working out activities to build muscles.


Any kind of pancit when cooked properly is healthy to eat.  I prefer my pancit to be not oily, to have lots of vegetables, and to be less salty.  When cooked this way, it is full of carbohydrates to provide energy for daily activities.  You can add up lean pork or chicken to make it extra tasty.  The stock to be used must not contain lots of soy sauce.

Beef Nilaga / Bulalo

To make a healthy Beef Nilaga, you can use beef ribs to make the soup more tasty without much fat.  Again, do not use beef cubes or powder to add taste; control the saltiness by adding a bit of rock salt and do not add MSG.  Now, add lots of green leafy vegetables, beans, and some potatoes or even saba banana or camote.

The list can be endless, but for now, this is my top five healthy Filipino dish.

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