Tinumis ni Nanay - A Nueva Ecija Dinuguan

Every time my family I celebrate a special occasion in our hometown in Nueva Ecija, our mother always make it sure that she cooks her specialty tinumis. Normally, we request her to cook this pork stew whenever we visit her and our father.  Eventually, she got accustomed to cook it whenever we go home. It became our instant favorite.

Tinumis is similar to or maybe another variety of cooking for dinuguan. I just got used to it that whenever I think of tinumis, it usually has no pork innards. My Nanay’s tinumis is made from minced pork meat sautéed first with garlic and onions, cooked and stewed with the pork blood, then make it sour with tamarind fruit with young tamarind leaves. My mother rarely adds any other pork innards like liver or intestines.  Me and my siblings like it that way. She adds green chilli (sili pangsigang) to add a little spice. We also like our tinumis to have more broth and it should not thick or saucy.

So whenever my Nanay cooks tinumis, my father makes sure he has enough tamarind shoots/leaves picked from the trees at our backyard. The technique to bring out the sourness of the tamarind leaves is to chop or grind it very finely.

I have never had a chance to cook tinumis on my own, but of course, I would like to cook my own style of tinumis. The recipe is so simple, that I may want to add a little twist on the recipe that will make it unique.

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