Top 5 Filipino Foods Less Likely to Cause Obesity

With the high incidence of obesity that is causing uproar to health-conscious individuals, Filipinos are endlessly searching for foods that could help them stay fit and healthy.  Among the Filipino foods available in the market, do you which ones are considered as the top five foods that are less likely to cause obesity? Below is a list of such foods.

  1. High fibrous foods – vegetables

Filipinos are very fond of eating vegetables.  And among these vegetables are fibrous ones, which of course include the green leafy vegetables, such water spinach, moringa, eggplant, ladies finger, bitter melon, string beans, jute, winged bean, luffa, kamote tops, chines cabbage, and pechay, among others.  These vegetables are rich in fiber, which we all know is very good in improving our defecation process; hence, obesity is most likely avoided since the nutrients are fully absorbed by the body while the toxins are healthily excreted out of the body.

High fibrous vegetables should be a staple to one’s meal if one wants to avoid becoming obese since some obese individuals are having difficulty with their bowels, which is exactly what we wanted to get rid of.

  1. High fibrous foods – fruits

Like we have discussed earlier, high fibrous foods greatly helps in regulating one’s bowel movements; hence, it is less likely to cause obesity because excessive food intake and other toxins are excreted out of the body.

Among the healthiest fruits that are considered high fibrous are tomato, durian, sweet potato, banana, pineapple, papaya, coconut, watermelon, avocado, and the list goes on and on.

  1. Fish

A fish has become a staple in a Filipino meal.  And do know that a fish is a very healthy food? This is because it is considered a white meat, thus, it is a rich source of protein and can easily give you the feeling of becoming full.  So clearly, if one is already full, his appetite can easily be controlled so there is lesser caloric intake.  As a result, becoming obese is greatly avoided, while not giving up the idea of eating a healthy meal.

  1. Vitamin C-rich foods

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C such as lemon, dalanghita, pomelo and other citrus fruits can help in keeping obesity at bay.  Vitamin c-rich foods can help in digesting foods we ate because of its acidic contents; therefore excessive food intake can just be excreted.

Not only that, vitamin C-rich foods can keep one’s immune system in good shape, which can help keep an individual healthy; thus, there is more chance that an individual can keep an exercise regimen.

  1. Tofu

Although tofu did not truly originate in the Philippines, it is now commonly eaten by Filipinos as a substitute for red meat since this is a healthier and cheaper choice.  Tofu is made from a soybean, which means that this is a healthier choice due to its lower caloric content while not sacrificing other nutritious elements coming from a red meat.  Hence, even if an individual has eaten already so much tofu, it is yet okay because of its low caloric content.

These are just some of the Filipino foods that may less likely to cause obesity.  Obesity prevention is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  Still, health experts advice to visit your physician to get professional treatment.

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