Try this Cold Drinks and Enjoy Your Summer

It is summer and of course, it is the season of enjoying cold drinks and desserts.  My housemate, Tina and I love to have a cup of tea or coffee in the early morning.  She arrives home at 3:30AM and I usually wake up at that time so we can have a little talk about our day and share the word of God.  However, it seems like the early morning is also hot.  Instead of drinking hot coffee or tea, we drink iced cold coffee or green tea mixed with iced tea or any juice with jelly.  For some, it will find it weird? Yah I know, but it tastes awesome and refreshing.  In the afternoon, I prepare the cold coffee in a big water bottle and put in the freezer until she arrives home.  So it will be a frozen iced coffee in the early morning.

Lunch time is the peak of the hot weather so if we don’t have the iced coffee, she will prepare green tea and mix it with iced tea or powdered mango juice.  When it is her rest day, she prepares jelly to mix it with the cold coffee or tea or juice.  We eat a little because the jelly can be very heavy in our tummy.

My youngest son doesn’t enjoy the juice and tea and he mostly leave it on the table.  For him to beat the hot weather, we prepare an ice cold chocolate with jelly for him.  We use his chocolate milk so he can have fun drinking it or any other powdered chocolate or cocoa like Milo or Swiss Miss.

Preparation is very easy that even my 13-year-old son can do it and we usually have stock of ice in the fridge.  We also use crushed ice sometimes and it is more enjoyable.  We also try to mix different flavors of powdered juice with the green tea.  Sometimes, we use ripe mango from the tree in our yard for our cold drinks.

Tina is quite adventurous with the taste that she mixes everything that is available in our house or in the yard.  We are also trying some flavor mixes for the cold drinks or desserts.

This article is contributed to us by MissBRoxas, a work-at-home mom.

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