What you must know about this unique Ilonggo delicacy - KBL

Sundays are always the best day of the week.  It is almost heaven for most members of the family, where everyone can just be themselves and simply, chill.  Mothers think of old and new recipes that can be served both for enjoyment and satisfaction.  And as a mom, I am one of those who always think what’s best to serve on Sundays.

One of my favorite recipes to prepare and almost a bestseller is what we call KBL, a popular Ilonggo delicacy in the Philippines.  The ingredients are simple; K for Kadyos (a type of beans mostly found in the local region), B for Baboy (pork meat), and L for Langka (jackfruit).  This sour-soup based specialty is a total hit especially with rice and fried fish.  Best for lunch or dinner, this awesome dish is well-loved during family gatherings like Sundays.

Once we had a visitor from Manila, she was amazed by the taste and kept asking me to share the recipe.  I was glad she enjoyed the meal, and volunteered to teach her how to properly do it.  In our place, we have this unique ingredient we use for the sour taste called “batuan,” that is only found locally.  It has a natural “sinigang” flavor but on the healthier side because it is organic.  This we typically use in recipes like the KBL, for a more exotic result.

I usually exert more effort in my cooking skills during our family day.  I get excited during this time of the week where I can cook not only the good old traditional Filipino meals like chicken or pork adobo.  Most importantly, the fun and the bond that goes along with it, is unsurpassable.  Even a simple sago and gulaman can be sparkling and fascinating when prepared with so much love for the people around you.

I can’t wait for another Sunday.  It is a special day one more time.  Guess what?  I have a surprise dish for everyone.  I think I’ll pass with KBL this time and go international! A Korean or a Chinese dish perhaps? What do you think? No, maybe some sushi can be interesting!

The contributor of this article is a certified Ilonggo who works home-based as a writer, blogger, and researcher.  She loves fun, adventure, and cooking. 

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