Filipino Family Always Delighted with Tocino

When speaking of morals, Filipino values are one if not the best.  A model Filipino family is closely knit, especially in household obligations, upbringing of children and caring for their olds.  They are known for respect and helpfulness.

Sharing Love

Maintenance of proper traits rests upon the relationship of the husband and wife.  A dedicated husband is the income provider of the family while the mother is expected to care and nurture the children.  Nowadays, however, due to the rising needs of the growing and studying children, a mother shares the financial support.  She may have a small home-based business or work part-time.

Inside and outside the home, the family is not ashamed to show their love for each other.  In truth and in fact, Filipinos are born lovers.  Husband and wife never miss each others’ birthdays or their wedding anniversary.

It is a saying that, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  A housewife, despite her busy hours of the day always obliges herself to feed her better half and children with the most that she could.  She skills herself with cooking, familiarizes herself with all kinds of food the family prefers, so that they are well-fed and be in school on time.

Family Satisfaction

To satisfy her family who needs to be full-stomached before going to work or school.  She strives to offer them a hearty breakfast.  She even prepares and stores ready-to-heat-and-eat frozen foods, which are much easier and faster to cook and much preferred by the family members.  Tocino is one which she purchases in supermarkets once she is short of.  This comes very easy to cook.

Tocino is always in her refrigerator.  She prefers the single-serve pack since it is just enough for one serving for a family of four to five persons.  In the preparation, tocino is spread and flattened so that it will not shrink or curl.  The slices are browned in margarine or butter on both sides in a non-stick frying pan.  Then they are set aside with the tops rounded and arranged in a round flat plate.  Three egg whites are next beaten with finely chopped carrots or bell pepper, and fresh green oregano leaves also finely chopped.  The egg white is then rounded when cooked and placed over the tocino, rounded top exposed.  Fry the egg yolks half-cooked and arrange at the top of the egg whites.  Sandwich spread is wiped over the egg white and then decorated with thin strips of tocino which are cutouts of the tops.  This is one strategic preparation, a simple and easy way but everyone will love the delicious and mouth-watering display of a hearty tocino breakfast love dish

A loving mother brings out all her expertise in the kitchen to show her concern for the family.  Full enough, the husband once ready for the office, waits for his wife to lead him to the front door.  Usually, he says, “I’m so full, thank you for a delicious dish,” and seals it with a kiss.  “Bye!”

United at Dinnertime

Although not complete at the breakfast table, the children being early for school, the dinner is made sure a reunion.  There they could converse over the happenings of the day, discuss minor problems in school, and suggest plans of helping one another.  Before saying “Goodnight” they never forget that “a family that prays together, stays together” harmoniously.

Visit a Filipino home during mealtime.  You’ll be led to a dining table and you will be delighted  to eat their simple but delicious preparation.  Filipino hospitality never vanishes.

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