Kids Must Know About Pancakes

Many of us love pancakes.  Being a child on summer vacation is often times being associated having breakfast with pancakes.  Maybe because it is the time of the year, when mothers are not so busy and they prepare pancakes as often as they can.

This delightful breakfast food was made famous by the Americans.  We eat pancakes often, so it’s fun to know some interesting facts.

  • In the tradition of the Americans, which started roughly 1000 years ago, pancakes are usually eaten during Shrove Tuesday.
  • Pancakes are eaten around the globe, but each country has their own unique way of preparing and eating them.  In the Philippines, for example, we enjoy eating pancakes with margarine and granulated sugar on top of it.  But in the Unites States and some European countries, they use butter and maple syrup.
  • Maple syrup, on the other hand, is a tree sap which comes from the maple tree, commonly found in Canada.
  • Do you know that French people have a unique superstition about pancakes? Most of them do something while cooking the pancake.  They wish every time they turn the pancake while cooking.  And they do this with a coin on their other hand.
  • Do you know that the very first pancake recipe which was listed was in an English cookbook, in the 15th century?
  • In 1994, the largest pancake in the world was cooked in Roch-dale Manchester. It measures around 15 meters in diameter, weighing 3 tons, and had seriously 2 million calories.
  • There is a game using pancakes. It is the famous Pancake tossing—a person ran a marathon while tossing pancakes for 3 continues hours.  This is considered as funny sport by many countries.
  • Do you know that William Shakespeare loved this sensational food? He even mentioned it in his plays.
  • There is an emerging new recipe for pancakes. It is the pancake sandwiches.  Various restaurants around the globe are starting to offer this recipe.
  • In the early times, when baking soda does not exist yet, a newly fallen snow was added to the pancake batter which actually made pancakes softer and nicer since snow has ammonia.
  • Pancakes are often times cook on griddle. This only proves that cooking on griddle is older than the common baking.
  • Do you know that if you combine baking soda and butter milk in pancakes, the soda will take away the acidic properties of butter milk? This taking away actually makes the pancake taste better.
  • In some European countries, pancakes are traditionally eaten during Easter day. Seemingly, pancake have significant relation to Easter.
  • Pancakes in the original state are pour able batter kind (made of eggs, butter, flour and milk). This makes pancakes semi solid unlike bread.

You can tell your kids about these fun facts.  Especially when they are eating pancakes, you can crack one of these.  They will definitely love their pancakes and they will surely ask for more.

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