Start Your Morning at Residencia When in Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island in the Philippines has been the number one choice for vacationers because of the wide-spread white sand beach, parties, events, water sports, beautiful view and resorts that will surely make you extend your stay. However, due to the numerous hotels popping out on the island, it is quite hard for tourists to pick an accommodation spot that can satisfy all their desires. There are people that choose a resort based on price range, location, ambiance and food inclusions. All these factors are vital in selecting a resort before booking one to avoid hassle and complaints during your vacation.

One of the renowned resorts in Boracay is Residencia de Boracay and this condensed little beach front resort is located in the far end of station 1. This resort is not similar with other resorts on the island because it doesn’t have that night life vibe, it has this laid back aura that can be enjoyed by vacationers that wants a quiet place to relax and unwind. Included in the accommodation package is a buffet breakfast for two that can be enjoyed right outside the hotel with a breath-taking view of the beach and locals creating sandcastles near the shore.

Residencia de Boracay breakfast buffets includes Filipino and Continental dishes from garlic fried rice to bread rolls as well as a variety of fruits to keep your exciting day on the island going. They also have complimentary drinks to choose from like coffee, orange juice or tea. The buffet is set-up outside while vacationers enjoy the relaxing breeze of the ocean and sound of the waves that they couldn’t experience in the city. Basically, the resort offers an average breakfast buffet compared to the other resorts in Boracay. However, the idea that separates them from the other resorts is the fact that they don’t have to handle any crowd or noise in the morning.

The mood the resort preserves is a great thing because there are some people that go to Boracay not for the party, but to wind down. So, what better way to start your day than enjoy a heart-warming breakfast and soothing atmosphere at Residencia de Boracay. Surely, there are other resorts that offer better accommodation but being able to feel at home while you’re away from home is only made possible by Residencia de Boracay.


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