The Oh-So-Witty Filipino Spaghetti

Spaghetti is not only for Italians. But yes, Filipinos, creative as we are, would always find new ways to make our own version that can be suitable to our taste buds and every member of our family. This pasta is commonly prepared in parties like birthdays and gatherings, and even as snacks or a meal for the children. In addition, spaghetti can either be prepared sweet or savoury, the way you want it to be, with some garlic bread on the side.

Fast Food versus Homemade

A lot of fast food chains had spaghetti as one of the attractions in their menu, and with all that fancy stuff as ingredients. But the price is a little more expensive and for practical purposes, you might as well try and cook some at home. However, in fairness to other more reliable fast food chains, they make special spaghetti with huge meatballs, and make a special kind of sauce that can be creamier and had a finer texture.

So, you decided to make some spaghetti delight in the comforts of your home, and tried to explore and discover new ingredients that will surprise the family later. What is best when doing this at home is that the money you may spend is minimal compared to buying take outs. You can eat more, and add whatever ingredients you desire. The sauce can also be somewhat personalized, since you can adjust to your own preference.

Filipino Spaghetti

Spaghetti pasta is also considered an all time favorite of kids and adults, and for this reason why won’t we accord its own place in the Filipino Favorite Recipes cookbook? We can attest to the exceptional taste, because it has the excellent mixture of Italian and Filipino. The sweet taste enhances the flavor, with all the ground meat, hot dogs and cheese spread all over the pasta. Some sprinkles it with cream, to improve the texture, and be more inviting, some bacon and ham can be added to.

The sauce is what really makes a truly delicious, mouth watering spaghetti, because it carries the complete flavor of the pasta. You can easily prepare one at home, for this is readily available in mix sauces on the supermarket shelves, which can be more exciting than you think.

The World’s Best

Filipino Spaghetti can vouch what pasta is all about, with all the goodness and richness that you can find in a spaghetti. It is more daring, creative, willing to undergo new facets of adventure in the flavor. It has become a staple recipe in special occasions often with a different face, for a more appealing and inviting look. We can compete this with other types of spaghetti in other countries and can be one of the best. The Filipino spaghetti had been recognized and already gained its own identity.

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