Three (3) Most Favorite Pinoy Meals 50 Pesos or Less

We Filipinos on a budget always look for a meal that is only Php 100 or below, but if there is something to fill our stomach for only Php 50, then why not. Consideration is taken that the meal should at least be decent enough to eat.  We would want a 50-peso meal that is at least low fat and low salt.

1.  KFC Flavor Shots Rice Meal 

This is a very affordable meal for students or employees on a budget. For only Php 50, you get to have a quick breakfast or lunch. The serving size is somehow enough to fill in your stomach at lunchtime.   You get to get pleasure from the taste of a KFC chicken. There is an ample amount of bite-sized boneless chicken pieces usually crunchy but still meaty without much breading. What’s best is that the mushroom gravy is only poured before serving it to you. The steamed rice is rightly cooked usually and is a full 1-cup serving. You can just ask for a glass for your drinking water.

I find the KFC Flavor Shots Meal appealing because I get to enjoy a KFC Chicken without the so much breaded skin that they usually have on their regular chicken pieces. I don’t get too heavy after eating a serving. The mushroom gravy is just enough to my liking.

2.  Silogs in every kanto

You can find silog karinderya in every corner wherever city you are in the Philippines. This home-cooked meal is usually served containing garlic fried rice, a fried egg, and a beef, pork, or fish as the main viand. The best seller is the tapsilog.

I particularly like bangsilog or tocilog over tapsilog because many times I find the beef tapa not tender enough to eat because it can be overcooked or improperly marinated.

I still find silogs with price ranging from Php 45-50 depending if it has beef, pork, or fish. The most affordable is that of processed meat silogs like malingsilog or hotsilog.

3.  Jollibee Burger Steak

This is my least favorite 50-peso meal.  I just have the thinking that why would I eat a burger patty with rice.  I’d rather eat a burger in a bun.  Pinoys like this so much that you will find most restaurants aside from the fastfood giant Jollibee offering a rice meal with a burger patty.  We were accustomed by this trend set by Jollibee.

This list of tipid Pinoy meals is rather limited.  You can find a lot of 50 pesos meal in various food establishment around the Philippines.

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