Who wouldn't want a tasty and juicy longganisa?

It is well known that we have our own Filipino version of sausage and of course, who would not be proud of it?  We always make the tastiest and most delicious with the most possible simple yet delicious spices and ingredients used.  And surprisingly, Philippine provinces have their own special versions of these sausages varying in the ingredients but all in all, really tastes delectable.

This sausage is popularly called “longganisa” which originated from the Spanish word, Chorizo which means sausage.  Generally, these are also found in countries like Spain and Mexico with varieties such as sobrasadas, morcillas, salchicas and buttifaras.  In the Philippines, depending on the different regions, they are also commonly known as soriso or tsoriso.  Longganizas are also categorized as sweet or garlicky.

What It's Made Of

Longganizas are stuffed with a lot of ground pork, salt, vinegar, black and white pepper, laurel leaves, and a considerable amount of preservatives.  Depending on the one producing it, it can be sweet, or spicy, to have a more distinct taste.  These are readily available in supermarkets, with different brands and there also home made ones boasting of lesser preservatives than usual.

You can also try making ones at home but it can be more tedious and sometimes tricky.  Some curing agents are also used, so if you are not really familiar with the other ingredients, it can be a disaster, and may even lead to food poisoning.  You might as well buy from reputable groceries and supermarkets, with a more quality and proven brands that are popular.

Satisfying the Cravings

Filipinos are fond of this mouthwatering food and longganisas are really very appetizing especially in breakfasts, when they come with egg and fried rice.  You can easily fall in love with it and can even have multiple servings in one setting.

The classic example of Filipino longganisa should be delicate and really made to perfection for all food lovers, young and old alike.  The unique and distinct ingredients are really different compared to others, and it can absolutely satisfy a person’s craving for this food.  It doesn’t matter if you eat this with a bread, fried rice, in breakfast, lunch or dinner, or any time of the day.

Other Ways to Enjoy Longganisa

Do you also realize that these aside from being a main course in a meal, can also be used in vegetables and even as a filling? You can sauté any type of vegetable and instead of using meat or poultry, you can readily add longganisa to make your vegetable dish a lot more exciting.  Also, you can use it as a filling in bread, by adding a small quantity of longganisa, and mixing it with some mayonnaise to have really great texture and creamier taste.  All you need to do is precook your longganisa prior to adding to your vegetables or bread.

You can even do wonders with it, and invent your own creations for the family.  A boring dish can come alive when you use Filipino longganisa in any way you like making your meal more appetizing to eat.

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