Bringing out the Master Chef in You in Home Cooking

Okay, maybe that is a little extreme. But if you think that you have a little home chef in you that is just waiting to whip up meals that are home cooked and host parties entertaining myriad of people, friends and strangers alike, then home cooking is just the right activity to do.

Now there are a lot of social communities that bring together chefs and guests. Home cooking, on the other hand, is a kind social networking that brings passionate foodies who love to explore different kinds of cuisines and passionate home chefs who love to cook and throw parties together. Starting is quite easy. One just has to collect your friends first. You can even connect your Facebook profile to make this quicker.
Let’s talk about price and fees. This must be expensive right? Well not at all. Most often, our friends will be very much willing to participate and share the expenses.

When the registration is done, go and behold, you are ready to home cook with new friends. Just get ready with your groceries, food and drinks to make your first meal.

Pre-publish your meal with as much detail as you can give, descriptions, photos and your contact details. Once ready, you can even share it to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can have a set number of people for reservations, but of course you can send the invite out to as many as possible until your party list starts filling up. You can also start speaking with your future guests using your personal email.

If you want the guests to contribute then you can indicate the price when you start a new meal. Guests are also at times welcome to bring their own food to the party especially if it is a potluck one. Home chefs can also throw a cooking class party where all the guests get to participate in the cooking. It really is in the discretion of the home chef on how he or she would like to home cook with new friends.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the party, after you are done cooking of course. It is time to meet new friends, make great conversations and have a spectacular time while your new friends enjoy your home cooking.

Now the fun does not stop there. With home cooking, you can always keep in touch with the new friends you have made using your social networking sites or even build a community to keep them updated for the next time you throw a party. After the party your guests can also rate your meal and party based on their experience. This can really help you gain reputation among the ranks of other home chefs. This will also serve as your review for future meals and parties that you will host.

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