Filipinos Always Wake Up Stimulated

What’s best to do the first thing in the morning? Nothing beats a cup of coffee, the real hot one to perk your day and make you alert. It will wake you up and alive before hitting the second sip. Filipinos had developed this love and admiration in coffee, which eventually became a tradition, and passed to younger generations. The native coffee fondly called “Barako” is the most popular and well-loved coffee among Filipinos. Up to now,”barako” is still the best for many Filipinos, our own version of brewed coffee.

Pinoy’s had this crazy way of eating pandesal – a Filipino bread while dunking it in instant coffee. Well, it is really more fun in the Philippines. Coffee is largely popular all over the world, and to meet up with the modern world, new innovations and creations were introduced in the market. The traditional brewed, where you need to cook, boil and drain the coffee to get that rich taste are already available in convenient bottles and containers. A brewed coffee can be enjoyed in minutes right where you are.


In this world, where everybody is just so busy about anything, coffees are also keeping up with the system. Today, there are 3 in 1’s coffee in the market, which requires only a cup of hot water for a quick fix. That was fast and simple, just right for people who are always on the go. A sachet was also produced where you can bring them in work or in travels, and enjoy coffee anytime. Technology had never been this easy, and that’s what convenience is all about.


At the advent of this progress in introducing convenient ways in having coffee, flavors were also discovered, such as cappuccinos, mochas and latte, which are appealing and more inviting to the market. Filipinos then embraced this new ways and tastes of coffee, and savored every sip for an enjoyable drink.

Three-in-one coffee changes the way Pinoys’ perspective on coffee. There are exciting flavors and strength that goes with the coffee, and it creates a rippled effect to coffee lovers. Today, mornings are not the same without a new taste of this beverage, but still it is enjoyed by most Pinoys dunking a piece of pandesal as a zesty ‘waking up’ thing.

A “Good” Stimulant

The caffeine content in the coffee acts as a mild stimulant, enough to wake us up from our sleepiness each morning. This can be one of the reasons that coffee is so appealing to a consumer. It makes one go and enjoy the rest of the day. Coffee when taken in moderation can be a good stimulant for busy people in order to meet the demands of the daily activities he is engaged in.

For others, coffee is perceived to be addictive. Generally, a thing can never be addictive as long as it is taken in balance. A cup of coffee or two daily is still manageable for a lot of Pinoys out there.

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