Global Food Connection: Part GPS, Part “HER”, All Food

 Successful Kickstarter Project for Chefs of All Levels Now Available for iPad

“Food is our common ground. A universal experience.” – James Beard

For those with an interest in food, there is always more to experience. This is especially the case when in a new country, or with new friends with different backgrounds. Occasionally however, we are constrained by our cooking skills, or lack of (as is the case personally) to try new things at home, or to bring a taste of a different culture to your very own doorstep.

SideChef looks to solving this problem. The free app teaches novice cooks how to whip up homemade doughnuts and craft perfect Korean tacos, while enabling accomplished chefs, from Michelin recipients to Mom and her famous pot roast, to cultivate their own global fan base. With headquarters on either sides of the world -in Shanghai and Los Angeles - and a team of food lovers from almost every continent, SideChef encourages users to experiment, challenge, and reach for foods that would otherwise be unavailable.

SideChef’s unique features include:

  • Step-by-Step Recipes: Hundreds of recipes from well-known food bloggers and chefs with audio and visual instructions as well as voice-command technology, making it easy to navigate the steps without having to touch the screen
  • Cooking Timers & Notifications: Built-in automatic timers ensure nothing is ever left to burn or boil over – SideChef keeps track of what’s on the stove so you can relax
  • Recipe Building Tool: Sharing personal recipes is simple with the built-in upload tool, which also allows chefs to add their own step-by-step photography
  • Diverse Cuisine Options- Recipe search tool makes it easy and fun to discover new regional eats or cater to special diets including gluten-free, vegan, kosher and more
  • Easy Menu Planning for 2 or 10: Recipes dynamically change to increase or decrease ingredient amounts and cooking instructions based on the number or servings you wish to prepare, taking the guess work out of adjusting recipes for a crowd
  • Smart, Sharable Grocery Lists: Grocery list feature gives you the option to cross off items that you already have in the pantry and makes it easy to print or share via email
  • Robust International Community: Active community of home cooks, professional chefs and food lovers eager to explore new foods and try new things. Follow your favorite chefs, ask them questions, and grow your own fan base to reach “celebrity chef” status
  • Gain Recognition and Shoot for the Stars: Earn tokens while cooking to gain recognition and credibility among community members. Try advanced techniques and master new cuisines to collect badges, rewards and bragging rights 

SideChef combines the best of cooking and social elements to create a unique gamified cooking experience designed to reward and encourage users to experiment with new cooking techniques and to master a variety of culinary skills.

SideChef is the brainchild of video game industry veteran and former global manager for community development of World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment, Kevin Yu, who leveraged his extensive technology and gaming expertise to reimagine the cooking experience.

About SideChef: SideChef was founded by Kevin Yu and is designed to bring excitement and innovation into the previously unexplored space of cooking. The company’s goal is to simplify and bring cooking up-to-speed with the latest technology trends, while inspiring its community to share recipes and grow global audiences for local recipes. For more information please visit

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