Rotiboy Bakeshoppe 10th branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Around last week of June 2014, Rotiboy opened its 10th bakeshop in Saudi Arabia. This time, the new Rotiboy branch is located along the busy streets of Thalia in Riyadh that can house 150 people for both the family and single section.

It was my third time visiting the Rotiboy Thalia branch with my friends. I think, I've visited also the other branch in Olaya before for take away buns.

With so many brands of roti buns available in Riyadh, I think I will make a comparison of which one is the best based on my taste and preference. So far, I am liking to pair my Buttermilk Rotiboy with the Classic Milk Tea or cafe latte or cappuccino. But the plain Rotiboy buns is also as good as with the rest when paired with your favorite drink as well. I guess, I couldn't make up my mind because any combination for me is worth trying.

The three-day grand opening of Rotiboy Arabia  in Tahlia Street Branch, Riyadh City, was held last Tuesday June 24,2014 to Friday June 27, 2014 with promotions and with the Rotiboy mascot visible.

This Ramadan 2014, Rotiboy also has special offer. Starting July 10, 2014 - 50% + discount on Rotiboy buns of 6 pieces for 29 Riyals only, instead of 66 Riyals regular price! Meaning Rotiboy buns will be reduced for around 5 Riyals per piece - something that many customers have been asking for for the past months.

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