What Comforts a Pinoy

Emotions and food are directly correlated to each other. When a person is happy, he eats heartily. Conversely, when a person feels sad, he has no appetite and pays no attention to whatever he eats. That’s why comfort foods such as chocolates and sweets are very common to those who are melancholy.

But comfort foods are not just boxed in the idea of depression and sadness. It also brings hope and happiness to those who miss the taste of home.  Just like our loved ones who are away from home, food is the only beacon that reminds them of home. There are different varieties of comfort food, and each single person has his own kind of comfort food.

The Filipino Comfort Food

Take for example, here in the Philippines. Comfort foods ranges from soups to main courses— meals such as adobo, sinigang and silogs combination. Filipinos love the versatility of their food. They wanted their food to be available anytime and easy to cook. There have been different variations of these dishes over time. Adobo has been incorporated with different kinds of meat with different added ingredients or substitutions. It is the signature dish for every Filipino, and its taste will always be a reminder of a good and loving family back home.

Sinigang will always be the national soup. It’s versatility for any season, time and place makes it an easy dish to cook that brings comfort to any one longing for home. There is a very long list of foods comforting Filipinos. It may be too many to mention here.

Usual Pinoy Breakfast

And don’t let me get started on the Filipino’s favorite breakfast combinations—the silogs dishes. Match any meat with a freshly made fried sinangag with a sunny side up and the side, and it will instantly brighten up any Filipino where ever he may be. They love these combinations so much that they eat this any time of the day—even during lunch, merienda or dinner. This single dish is packed with everything of what Filipinos love about their food. It has rice, and some slices of cured meat like tapa. Others want their silogs to be a little sweet, so they combine fried rice, egg and tocino or tapa. Chopping bite sizes of the meat and slow frying it over a low heat is the technique of success in this favorite dish. Watch as how many Filipinos would go gaga over the sight of this timeless breakfast combinations. Even at breakfast who wouldn't want anything sweet to end your meal?

Undeniably, Filipinos’ love for comfort food has been their symbol for home. Either here or abroad, these foods are what define Filipinos as Filipinos. These have been a part of their culture and lives that no Filipino home is ever complete without cooking these dishes. Home will always be where the heart is, and these comfort foods will surely lead their hearts towards home.

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