Wasted Food Is Wanted Food

Food shortage synchronously comes with the zooming of the population, poverty and much more with advance of technology. Imagine a whole family of eight, the 6 children in descending ages of 7-1, digging garbage or hovering in front of a food chain. Fortune may be favorable, the search for food might materialize. How about the hazards that it brings? This drove an article published in foodtechconnect.com, that technology might solve or at least minimize the prevailing situation. Food+Tech Connect is a media and research company bringing together innovators in the business of food.

6 Mobile Apps Preventing Wasted Food                                 

It is not only the shortage, (although it is a contributing factor) which cause people to wallow into hunger.  It is the wastage. This is the primary cause why despite the efforts of organizations to remedy the dilemma, landfills still heave off with mountains of wasted food.

Food+Tech Connect posted an article by Aaron Hutcherson that listed six mobile apps possibly may reduce wasted food.

The first of which is by LeftoverSwap.  The users of the app post pictures or descriptions of unwanted leftovers on database.

Another one app, is called LeanPath, wherein sources of leftovers or nearly disposable goods have an automated scale producing information about food to be discarded.

Third is FoodStar, which notifies users through email or sms about food products on sale in the farm. Those foods will not able to reach destinations in fresh condition, so better to be sold the soonest time possible.

Fourth is LoveFoodHateWaste organized by a non-profit organization in UK called WRAP. This mobile app helps users to plan, shop, cook and make the majority of leftovers.

The fifth one is called 222MillionTons.  The home cooks use all groceries before spoilage. iPad app allows users to create new menus. You can try this chicken adobo risotto made from leftover chicken.

Lastly, WiseUponWaste takes advantage of the motto, Knowledge is Power. Using this app, restaurants track and measure how, when and where waste is produced.  This helps chefs utilize the data and reduce waste.

Other Alternative Technologies

Considering the present situation of the world, groceries and restaurants through the social welfare organizations can survey indigents especially along the streets, of course using Internet to be sure, assign several people to be fed out of specially cooked leftovers regularly. Another alternative is for these establishments to feed out of their leftovers after closing time.  Still another method is for the customers to post inside the restaurants that they have ready to feed leftovers for less fortunate children assigned to their tables.

Wasted foods are wanted foods by the poor sectors of society, as well as the small-scale buyers and sellers. Although the mobile apps provided are beneficial to grocers and buyers, they still are dangerous to leftover consumers.  Alternative technologies may prove better for the poorer sectors.

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