An Overseas Filipino Tips To Manage Lack Of Cooking Skills

Working abroad for some is considered the best thing that could happen to one’s life.  It means a higher salary and a better future for the family.  However, some Filipinos just jump at the opportunities of working abroad without thinking what they are going to do when they go in a foreign land.  An overseas Filipino is faced with great challenges and responsibilities in their effort to make a better income for their families.  It is actually difficult to be alone and independent.

Aside from taking care of your own shopping, cleaning and washing clothes – you need to cook.  The latter is actually the major problem of most overseas Filipino since cleaning and washing clothes do not require talent, while cooking requires you to be good in order to enjoy delicious food.  This is frustrating and a struggle for an average Filipino who knows only simple dishes and basic cooking of eggs and noodles.

Yes, overseas Filipinos have sampled the different exciting cuisines of foreign lands but with the exorbitantly high prices of cooked food in other countries, Filipinos are forced to learn how to cook, which is actually cheaper than dining in restaurants and fast-food abroad.  Yes, there are various Filipino restaurants like this Bahay Kubo Restaurant in Bharain or the Maharlika Restaurant in New York, but still a typical Filipino working abroad will not dine often in restaurants.

Some overseas Filipinos eat ready-to-cook noodles because they do not know how to cook and they want to save money so they can send some home.  This is actually pitiful but time has passed quickly and if you ask them now, they can teach you different recipes they have created from their food experimenting stage.  That’s what good about us, Filipinos.

There is hope for every overseas Filipino who do not know how to cook.  Here are some of what an overseas Filipino working abroad does to manage the lack of cooking skills. 

Research Online and Buy Cookbooks

The Internet is perhaps the best source of knowledge and you can get Filipino recipes in mere seconds.  Make sure you download or save the recipes to save up on Internet costs.  Order Filipino cookbooks online if you prefer a real book and you do not have printers.  You can also ask your family to send you a book when they send packages or letters to you or you can buy recipe books every time you go on vacation in the Philippines. 

Chat Your Family for Recipes

In the course of making Filipino food every day, some members of your family develop a specialty or a family recipe.  It would be a good idea to ask your family to send you family recipes via email or via Facebook, complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions.  These kinds of recipes bring overseas Filipinos closer to their families through food.  

Experiment to Cook

Localize the food recipes of a foreign country and give it a certain Filipino touch by mixing and matching ingredients from the foreign country with Filipino dishes.  This way, you develop your own recipes and when you come back to your family, you can proudly cook them something that mixes the flavors of both the country you have been to and your home country, the Philippines.

We learn to adapt to what is needed and required by our environment.  We make do with what we have.  While working abroad, most overseas Filipinos dine in delicious food of the country they are in however; overseas Filipinos still crave for own food.  Why? Because Filipino food is like being home to them.  Filipino food has its memories and just being able to eat the food we normally cook here in the Philippines brings them closer to our country and in turn, they are able to combat the homesickness bug.

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