Biggest Food Trends in 2014

It was that time in 2014 to clean your cupboards and kitchen cabinets for the great food trends.  If you think that a regular hot sauce would only go well with steak and barbeque, then you are definitely out of the radar already. Innovative cooking styles, marketing techniques and scrumptious dishes will definitely go your way.

First on the list is how the smartphone breakthrough allows people to do whatever they want with a few touches on their mobile phones. Get new recipes, order authentic spices and ingredients that are far beyond their reach. If this kind of shopping experience is possible then sooner or later grocery stores might have drive-thru windows for easier pick-up.

Second, restaurants are doing all sorts of creative notions to persuade customers to try their cuisines. This is why it is expected that several restaurants will be offering tasting menus and ritzy food halls not only for delicious visual of the foods, but also for on-site prepared meals.

Third, let go of your usual chicken dish. Roast, barbequed and steamed chickens are so last year. Fancy up your poultry by stuffing it with truffles and brioche to have a classier taste of chicken and enjoy it with a glass of red wine. Most restaurants are already offering this type of chicken dish and they are pricing as much as steak costs.

Fourth, prepare your sweet tooth for something creamy and icy. If you are fond of cupcakes, cakes and cookies, then you would definitely love one of the best food trends this 2014, the ice cream sandwich trend. Imagine a delicious layer of biscuits with ice cream in the middle and a combination of all sorts of flavor, now that is a sweet dream indeed.

Fifth, the unusual food combos have gotten weirder and weirder annually. We all know that everyone loves pizza, but have you heard of pizza for dessert? Yes, this is actually real and several people are beginning to put this unique pizza experience on top of their most favorite food list.

Today’s generation are not only creative but they have this sense of passion not only for creating something original, but putting in the old and mixing it with the new to come up with a whole different influence. It doesn’t only satisfy the palate of the younger generation, but it improves the knowledge of other people from all over the world. So, before cooking a dish that you regularly do think of something else and spot the new food trends this 2014.

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