Jollibee Going Worldwide

Jollibee started in 1975, when the Tan family decided to invest in an ice cream parlor located right in the heart of Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.  Roughly after two years, their own bakery was built also in the same place, and later in Cubao’s suburbs. This is where Jollibee originated and born. And the rest is history. Today, Jollibee is all over the Philippines, penetrating even Asia, making it one of the most successful All-Filipino food chain that has ever invaded the food industry.

CNN had been tagging it as the “The McDonald’s of Asia.” The late 90’s was really tough in regards to the Asian Financial Crisis; yet, Jollibee continued its legacy, unmindful and survived the economic disaster with flying colors. Up to now, they are consistently strong and solid.

And now for three decades, Jollibee marks its 35th Anniversary last July 2013, still sharing its legacy: good food and best service. By food it simply means their popular meals on the go which are all quality. Their flagship product is the Yumburger which is a yummy burger, the most-ordered product that comes in a cheap price. It may appear similar to any other burger but there is a distinct Filipino flavor that you can definitely taste.

The list goes on, such as the Jolly spaghetti special, palabok fiesta, and for 35 jolly years, the Chickenjoy has been there, still filling the highest spot in the menu list. Burger steak is a favorite too like the French fries and sundaes. Not to forget “The Champ” a Filipino version of the “Big Mac.” Still, Filipino recipe is the best.

This global invasion of Jollibee is the most awaited moment and a huge step towards the management goals. The fast food chain is now present over North America, Asia and the Middle East. In the next three years, Europe will be the next target of Jollibee as revealed by one of the co-owners, Mr. Ernesto Tanmantiong to BBC News.

When asked why Filipino food had not really crossed borders compared to other Asian foods, Mr. Tanmantiong is confident that Chickenjoy will be the flagship of all Filipino food because chicken is popularly loved all over the world, and universally accepted by all races.

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