To Tip or Not To Tip

In today’s society it has been a habit and mandatory action to leave tips for waiters as a sign of appreciation for serving their customers. Some people set a certain percentage of how much they would tip, while others depend on how the service went. This is the reason why most servers go out of their way to provide an excellent service to encourage customers to leave a higher tip. This does not only set a high standard on the restaurant but it actually allows waiters to have a positive reinforcement to do well on the job. Sometimes, the servers even give discounts or freebies to customers.

The tips on each establishment are not the same; some waiters go home with a pocket full of tips while others have less. This does not mean that something went wrong with the service or the customers weren’t satisfied, it just goes to show that some people doesn’t have an ample amount of money available that day. There are times that servers don’t feel appreciated at all because customers aren’t tipping them well. Yes, this may seem unfair but there are just some people that don’t feel they should leave a tip at all. Besides, there is no law created that it is compulsory to leave tips every time you dine.

A waiter’s monthly salary is not that high, and usually getting their daily tips is what keeps them motivated to stick through the day-to-day routine of bringing drinks and foods to each table. This job isn’t easy at all; it is actually one of the most exhausting and tedious tasks a person would do every single day. However, not everyone is good tipper and no matter how hard waiters strive to get a tip they deserve they should also take into consideration the customers’ decision.

There are some restaurants that include a service charge to the bill which means there is no need to leave an actual tip. There are also a few establishments that post signage to leave a few dollars to their servers to remind their customers to show a little gratitude.

In general, most people that eat out set a certain percentage on how much tip they would leave the waiter. And several customers depend on how well the employee did in serving their food. Even if tipping isn’t obligatory it is still overwhelming to leave a good tip every once in a while.

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