Creative Breakfast for Your Kids

Kids love to be surprised with what their breakfast will be. It can be the most creative meal of the day because it is open to many options. Children, who are visual beings are drawn to colorful objects and interesting figures. Therefore, parents should take that information and use it to entice their little champions to enjoy the first meal of their day.

A good start powers you up for the rest of the day, and so breakfast is the most important meal. It is the source of energy that people burn up in their daily activities. Therefore, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their kids eat a nutritious breakfast.

The task of having to persuade kids to eat a healthy breakfast can be challenging and so parents should make an effort to curb their children’s interest by using their imagination in preparing the meal. 

To help with that dilemma, here are some tips in making a breakfast that piques kids’ interest because not all of us are breakfast person.

Color me Cereal 

Kids are basically visual beings, and as such, they are drawn to colorful and interesting shapes and figures. Luckily, one food falls under this category, and that is cereal. Fortunately, there are multiple options for a simple cereal breakfast. The catch is to find one that is both alluring and nutritious.

Visually, cereals are easy on the eyes because they come in different colors (sometimes variations of colors in one box, like Fruit Loops) and funny shapes in different sizes. Some come in shapes of stars, planets and moons while others come in animal shapes among many others. Some parents try to subtly incorporate learning in the process by choosing cereals in the shape of letters and numbers and make a game out of it. For instance, while eating, kids can spell their names first and eat them in that order. Or eat the cereal in numerical sequences. It’s a fun and interesting way to start their day.

Change Your Style           

Since there can be a usual breakfast that you serve on breakfasts, why not try a different one. However, some parents choose to make slight variations in the way it is served to avoid boring their kiddie clientele. Try to serve rice meals. It can be served fried with garlic, topped with butter or margarine, or mixed with bits of vegetables and meat.

The usual breakfast also involves serving the meal with eggs. Like the rice, it can also be cooked in different ways to avoid getting dull. It can be served sunny side up, scrambled, omelets and boiled.           

A bit of presentation wouldn’t hurt either. It’s nice to keep your children’s creativity (and yours) active at the beginning of the day to keep it running all through the day.

Keep it interesting

As we all know, kids have very little attention span so parents must expand their imaginative capacities to keep their kids reeled in. One suggestion is to create a schedule or activity. For instance, parents can declare Pancake Sundays where the kids can participate in making their own breakfast. Pancakes are easy enough to make and kids will surely enjoy mixing the pancake batter in the bowl. To add a little nutrition to the meal, parents can mix in variations of fruits in the pancake. For compromise though or for cheering them up, parents can mix in chocolates in the batter once in a while.

Doing this will not only make breakfast a more interesting experience in the children’s mornings but also a bonding experience for kids and their parents. In addition, doing activities like this would slowly introduce chores and participation that would beneficial in their development.

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