Eight (8) Emerging Desserts in the Philippines

Filipinos are naturally creative and artistic when it comes to food. Usual desserts include sago-gulaman, the very famous halo-halo, leche flans, ice creams, buko salad, macaroni salad, and the list could go on forever. It’s great that we have a very long list of desserts here in the Philippines and for sure, you have tried almost every dessert. To add to the list of desserts you have are familiar with. Here are some of the available desserts that you should try in the Philippines. 

1.  Sylvanas

Sylvanas are two cashew-meringue wafers with cream in the middle and coated with cream and cashew crumbs. Some people twist it and place almonds and pinipig as well. These are frozen delights and you’ll feel like eating ice cream except it is crunchy and if you’re a fan of Sans Rival then this is the perfect dessert for you.

2.  Banana Fritters with Ice Cream

Filipinos love bananas especially as dessert and snack. If you’re tired of eating common banana splits, try out banana fritters with ice cream. Few restaurants serve this dessert so make sure to take advantage of this delightful dessert. If you are familiar with turon (banana spring rolls), this is its cousin except with a classy look and taste, plus it’s best partnered with ice cream. Banana Fritters have different versions, some use beer in the batter, and some use wine, while some use “secret ingredients” to make the taste more intriguing and delectable.

3.  Chocolate Meringue Cookies

Just like the name implies, these are a mixture of meringue and cookie ingredients. These cookies are actually sweet, crunchy and like most meringue it seems to be light and airy and quickly melts in your mouth. Some use common peanuts but others use cashew nuts to make the flavor stand out. 

4.  Guapple Pie

Guapple is a fruit that is a cross between an apple and a guava, hence the name. Guapples are larger than normal apples and people say they taste anything between sweet and sometimes a little sour. Guapple pies are made similar to apple pies except people use the guapple fruit. This kind of pie originated in Negros Occidental and is quite rare unlike its buko pie counterpart. So if ever you are in that area, make sure you look for this pie.

5.  Puto Lanson

Puto Lanson is made of cassava mixed with coconut milk. It’s common in the Visayas region but rarely seen in Metro Manila. Watch out when you say its name especially if you’re offering this to your guests as they might think you’re saying “Lason”, which means poison in Filipino.

6.  Napoleones

Napoleones is like Sylvanas except custard cream is used plus it is made of pastry. It comes in different versions and can also be enveloped in cream. Those who serve this use caramel or chocolate syrup to make it look more scrumptious.

7.  Chicken Potato Salad

This is a great dessert and is sometimes used as a side dish. Most people have tried this but this is only common to selected establishments, which is why Filipinos just do this at home. Most Filipinos prefer using baby potatoes instead of dicing normal potatoes since baby potatoes have a distinct flavor.

8.  Iced Melon Milk Balls

Instead of the usual halo-halo, try this dessert. It is perfect for a hot day and is perfect for people who love healthy food and drinks. You can actually mix in some other fruit (e.g. small strips of watermelon) but it is important not to overshadow the melon.

So what are you waiting for, find establishments and restaurants, which offer these and other not so common desserts. After all, it’s always good to try something new.

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