Have A Fresh Start With Salads and Veggies

Would you rather have a healthy lifestyle or you want to deteriorate your health conditions by choosing wrong food and diet? Well, it is always a ‘better later than never’ thing and hopefully, a simple change in your diet can elevate your body’s health and physical state to the maximum benefits.

Nutritionists had always been endorsing fruits and vegetables that contain more vitamins and minerals plus the fact that these are rich in fiber, which acts as anti-oxidants. Best, this diet is low in calories which means you lose that unwanted weight without even trying, and still absorb the necessary nutrients required by the body.

Balancing Your Diet

For those who are keen and serious in improving their diets, it can be useful to start the day with green salad, such as some tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce, or a simple apple, potato and bananas for a quick fix. For the protein part, adding some nuts can be a good option. You can diversify the diet for some fish dish like salmon and skinless chicken to add more vigor to your salad.  If you know how to count your calories well, the approximate calorie intake for women can be around 1,500 and for average men, it should be around 1800.


Salads are best when you prepare them personally. You can experiment and even be a lot more cautious when using the dressings and toppings that you want. Restaurants and fast foods often use dressings that contain much more saturated fat than you think. And that is relatively harmful. There are healthy fats that are readily available for salads such as olive oil and vegetable oil, which are definitely good for the body.

Maintaining Good Health

Therefore, dieting can be easier by starting the day with a fresh garden salad, avoiding more carbo and animal protein if possible. This can absolutely improve your personal health in the long run by religiously following a good healthy salad and vegetable diet. Vitamin C in the form of pure fruit juices is a good fat burner and increases your metabolism effectively.

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