Simple Sticky Suman Recipe

Do you know that in the Philippines, you are somewhat “required” to cook some dish of sticky glutinous rice. It’s some kind of a tradition that had been passed from generations to generations. In our province, you get to enjoy several variations of recipes of sticky rice such as suman, ibos, palitaw, baye-baye or ginataan. These delicacies are often cooked on November 1 and 2, which are All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day respectively and Halloween holidays in other countries. Aside from Christmas Day, these days are also considered a form of family reunion where almost all members of the family working or already residing somewhere gets home and visit the dead relatives during this occasion.

I remember my mother and grandmother preparing suman every time these holidays of the year arrive. Relatives used to pass by our house and eat this delicacy, and spend hours of updating what happened to whom and whatever is the latest news with the rest of the relatives. This is a seldom opportunity that we get to meet old relatives and even those we hadn’t had the chance to be acquainted yet.

I have  here a simple recipe of suman, the ingredients and how easy it was cooked, yet taste very authentic and out of the ordinary:


  • 1 kg glutinous rice
  • ¼ kg brown or muscovado sugar
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • Calamansi (optional)


  1. Cook malagkit rice simply like you are cooking the usual rice, but this time, add the coconut milk and brown sugar combined.
  2. Make sure that the glutinous rice is mixed well with the coconut milk and brown sugar mixture evenly.
  3. When cooked, add calamansi skin only for a seasoned taste and fragrant aroma.
  4. Let it cool for a moment, so that the taste blends well all together.
  5. Serve in small servings, and enjoy with a cool pitcher of melon or buko juice.

This simple recipe of suman can be an enjoyable snack or dessert and best shared with friends and family. You can try cooking this during Sundays where most of the family members are at home and having pleasant  bonding moments. Various versions are prepared all over the Philippines like this suman moron in Leyte.

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