Tropical Fruiti-Tutti Shakes and Smoothies

Milkshakes and smoothies are healthy sources of vitamins and minerals as long as natural fruits are being utilized as the major components of these coolers.  The factors are usually fruits of the season and you can add anything that you think can best enhance the flavor. If green and ripe mangoes are in season, these can definitely be used. Prices are reasonable too.

Watermelon and melon grow plenty in summer times too, and they can give the much needed water and soothing experience a human body needs during these times. Avocados and bananas are also good sources of vitamins and minerals, and very healthy indeed. Actually, the amount of fruit used for a shake or smoothie will depend on your personal preference.

This is very conveniently prepared. Try a combination of melon and watermelon and a slice of mango combination. Wash the fruits thoroughly first, and peel of skin. If there are seeds, be sure not to include them in the blender. Get a couple of ice cubes an place them in the blender. Chop the fruits making sure the quantity is well-balanced. Add these in the blender.  Next, add a cup of milk, some sugar and  a few drops of vanilla. Blend ingredients well. Stir occasionally until you meet the certain point that you find the texture to your liking. After you are through, pour in a tall glass and top with some nuts or chocolate trinkets.

You can also try a “buko” (young coconut) smoothie and add whatever fruit is available. This can be very refreshing and provides the vitamins the body requires. You can also do this in simple gatherings with friends and visitors, for some unique and distinct style. A more continental type of smoothie and shake is a combination of apple and grapes, and fresh oranges. Others make coffee and chocolate smoothies. Those who are health conscious often used raw fruits and vegetables for a more nutritious smoothie. Some carrot shake is a highly nutritive form of smoothie which  can even be used as a treatment for some physical conditions. 

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