Wanting to Go Back Being a Food Technologist

I graduated a Bachelors degree in Food Technology in 1998 (without flying colors). Well, I took this up in college without much idea what will be my work. I had no particular course I wanted that time. I tried taking up veterinary medicine, but failed to pass the entrance exam.

After some time working in various food processing companies mainly in the bakery and restaurant, I had to think of earning more by taking another career. I took up medical transcription (MT). It was a quick decision that I made in an aim of obtaining a high paying job rather than staying on my previous career as a Food Technologist.

So, I took up the MT course and was able to have appropriate on-the-job training and eventually landed on a job. I also had worked in a government hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia trying to get more and more experience and knowledge.

But eventually, being a food technologist has become inert with me. Hence, this blog was created to continue what I started as a food enthusiast.  I learned to be fascinated abut anything related to food. Anyway, I'm still doing some home based medical transcription job, which is somewhat related to health, and health is related to correct food intake to live healthy.

With this, I will try to present recipes of my own, or with adaptation form other recipes I've read or watched from a cooking show. I will also feature the restaurant and/or coffee shops I've been to and review them based on my personal preference. I can also share some insights about health issues or re-post news about healthy living.

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