What Else You Don't Know About Margarine

Margarine is so flexible that aside from being a spread, it can also be used to fry fish, meat and poultry, or to sauté vegetables to enhance the flavor. It is again a healthier option because it can add more vitamins to the dish.  Your favorite vegetable dish can still taste better when margarine is used instead of vegetable oil. There is that certain unique and distinct taste that stays on the palate.

Margarines are also important in baking and making breads, cakes and pastries, and can be a good enhancer in rice. Boiled bananas and sweet potatoes is more delicious when margarine is added, and mashed potatoes too.  It can also add creaminess and smoothness the texture of peanut butter, and even other desserts.

Type of Margarines

There are types of margarine that are available in the market namely the branded and generic ones which are commonly sold in the wet market. Margarine is more popular choice for moms and kids alike because it has been around for generations and had already earned its reputation. It even comes in different flavors or fortification, without forgetting the original one still exists. 

Margarine can be a better alternative for butter, not only because of the price, but in effect, it has more vitamins that has been added –  indeed a smart option.

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