Why I Become an Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger

I’ve been a great fan of Pinoy food. I always want for our Pinoy food to be known worldwide just like what others did. You will find Italian food, Mexican food or Japanese food everywhere in the world. Let's take for example our sinigang. Although it has many variations to how a Pinoy cook this, we can be proud of this being uniquely Filipino. I hope someday wherever a Filipino goes, he can find easily a Filipino restaurant to dine in.

It is my ultimate dream to travel all over the Philippines and to experience the wide array of flavorful Pinoy food. One can imagine how diverse Pinoy foods are. Every region or province in our country has its own specialty with which they are distinguished from. With the recently emerging Pinoy restaurants in every city around the Philippines, it is very exciting to have a taste and compare how Pinoy foods are so noticeably unique and delicious.

I’ve been a food enthusiast from the time I took up my food technology in college. It has been an instinct for me to examine every detail how a Pinoy food differs from other cuisines. The technique of Pinoy cooking is truly well-defined and distinct. The process a Pinoy food has been is well thought and passed from generations to generations. Every available Pinoy herbs and spices are blended to create a well balanced taste and flavor when cooking. Pinakbet is one example of how we can cook vegetables in many various ways. Ilocanos usually incorporates bagoong isda while some says Cebuano pinakbet has a lot of kalabasa.

I always love to cook fresh for family and friends. At times, I turn traditional Pinoy food into a unique recipe but still maintains the Pinoy taste. Being a food technologist makes me experimental in my cooking the Pinoy way. As much as I could, I aim to try all recipes of our lolas and nanays just how the way they do during fiestas and other special occasions.

I’m passionate of sharing how Pinoy food can be flavorful and delectable. Hence, I started my own blog in order to give the world the best of Pinoy foods. I want also to be kept reminded to eat and live healthy by cooking the right kind of food.  I also like to get other insights from other Filipinos abroad who are into this kind of lifestyle. Many Filipinos abroad find the pancit being cooked by other Asians, but they still crave for the taste of a true Pinoy pancit.

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