Enjoying Tokyo Tokyo Bento Meals

It is good to try eating a variety of cuisine.  Japanese food is one of my favorites. It’s a good thing that Tokyo Tokyo is here to stay. They make Japanese food available for the average Filipinos who cannot afford to eat in expensive restaurants. The best part is, Tokyo Tokyo makes Japanese food even more affordable with their Bento Meals. Dubbed as “Complete Meal in a Box”, the Bento Meals are really complete. At less than P200, you will definitely have no room for more.

There are eight choices you can choose from. You can try one of these: pork tonkatsu, beef misono or teriyaki, best chicken teriyaki, fried chicken karaage, prawn and kani tempura, prawn and vegetable tempura and prawn tempura. The Tokyo Tokyo Bento Meals comes with unlimited rice, iced tea, and buttered vegetables. It also has miso soup included. As for dessert, you have a really good coffee jelly. Unlimited rice of course is a big plus but expected. Most of the fast food restaurants today offer unlimited rice and with so much on the bento box, you can expect nothing less from Tokyo Tokyo. Their Red Iced Tea has always been a must. Now, the buttered vegetables is really something I like. I even try to make my own at home using butter and sesame oil but it is not as good as Tokyo Tokyo’s. The miso soup is your typical miso soup so for those who love it, you would certainly wish that they also offer unlimited miso soup.

I have visited a couple of Japanese restaurants. Certainly there are many that are better than Tokyo Tokyo in the Philippines. But at the price of less than P200, I can say that their bento meals are worth your money. The prawn tempura bento is my favorite. The chicken is crispy and tasty. All in all, Tokyo Tokyo Bento Meals are great way to start or end your day.

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