Silog is Filipino, Filipino is Silog

What is Filipino breakfast without the famous silog! Filipinos just can’t get enough of it. In fact, almost every corner has one carinderia offering dozens of silog variations. Tapsilog, chicksilog, longsilog, hotsilog, bangsilog, tocilog, cornsilog, hamsilog, porkchopsilog and many more—you can just lose count. Filipinos are quite inventive in the first place. It’s as if we can suffix “silog” in any dish here in the Philippines.

Taste of History 

The silog mania is an influence of the Spanish colonization. For example, the tapsilog (Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog) sprouted from the famous Spanish appetizer “Tapas”—originally served with meat chunks and completed each liquor-drinking experience those days. Thus, each bite of tapsilog is a sort of remembrance and looking back to our rich history. Although, of course, Filipinos have made hundreds of twists in these Spanish dishes, making them All-Filipino foods (Filipinos are plain inventive).

Energizing Meal

One of the many reasons why silog dishes are sensational is its combination of tasteful saltiness. The foods combined on each silog have salt on them in some level. That is why it’s ideal for morning meal because salt can energize. It will wake you up and give you that great feeling to start the day in a good mood. Besides, it has the complete nutrients that one needs to be invigorated. Filipinos are hard-working and zealous that is why energy for the day is a must.

Easy to Prepare

Another good reason why silog is loved in the Philippines is the fact that it can be prepared by anybody. It’s as if the easiest meal to prepare. On a rush day when everybody’s off to somewhere—whether to work or school—one silog meal can make the day. It can be an express sinangag plus your favorite meat of fish and eggs. Moms can easily and immediately make one. But not only that they can cook it effortlessly, they can also make it something special for their loved ones, something that their family will be thinking of for the whole day. For example, they can fry some chicken tapa, put a smiley face on the sunny side up egg, and put an egg on the rice while frying it—and whaaalaaa! Instant special tapsilog. 

Not a Waste 

Some people love cooking silog because they can cook the leftover food of the night before and turn it to a new and tasteful dish. Thus, there will be no waste of food. In times of global hunger, Filipinos, strong people that they are, think of ways on how to survive without spending too much money. Silog is the best way to do that.

Encourages Pinoy’s Best 

What is silog without the various condiments beside it! Yes, some Filipinos can’t eat a silog dish without something to dip with. Vinegar is the number one choice among silog eaters. This brings the best of Pinoy’s vinegar! There are dozens of vinegar variations in the Philippines which kind of expressing the rich culture of this country. For example, there is this Sukang Iloco from northern Luzon, sukang paumbong coming from Central Luzon, and pinakurat taken from the Visayan region. People just love to dip and soak the tapa on vinegar. The combination is just great! Total Yum!

Indeed, silog will always be on every Filipino table. It tells who we are: inventive, creative, hard-working, loving and resilient.

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