Surprisingly Healthy Sweet Potatoes

Have you ever tasted sweet potatoes? It would be a lie if you answered “NO” to this question, but unless you don’t like the taste or you have allergies, then you can never enjoy the taste and the health benefits only a sweet potato can provide. It tastes like an ordinary potato but contains that exotic natural sweetness you would surely love.

This root crop even comes in three different colors; white, violet and yellow. You can make a variety of recipes out of it because it is very flexible that it can be prepared as a snack, or a major ingredient in a particular dish. What is more amazing is the fact that it can provide so many health and wellness benefits to a person. It might come as a surprise but studies had revealed that sweet potato can be very helpful for smokers and alcoholics who wants to quit the habit.

In addition, it has some components that can protect veins and arteries from being stiff and hard. It has large amounts of beta carotene which is good for the eyes and phosphorous which can benefit the heart. Further, this root crop is available almost anywhere, easy to grow in farms and backyards, cheap and positively delicious.

Here are some health information for you:

  • Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C which is responsible in the prevention and fighting colds and other flu viruses.  This vitamin also aids in speedy wound healing, provides collagen and is very significant is tooth and bone formations. Further, it gives protection to the body against toxins and damaging properties that may be related to cancer.
  • They also contain iron, which is responsible in the production of red and white blood cells, prevent stress and helps in the protein metabolism.
  • Also, they are a source of magnesium, a type of mineral that is required to have healthier muscles, nerve functions and other major organs of the body.

These are only some of the benefits that one can derive from eating sweet potatoes. Why not try eating some today and discover what advantages you can get from it.

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