Maintain Health with Leafy Greens

Leafy greens can be a very popular medicine. However, as their source of food in the farms, for the treatment of wounds, fractures, sickness and numerous kinds of ailments, leaves let them live long lives.

In a Huffington Post report, “Leafy Greens You’ve Probably Never Eaten (But Should), this is a concrete proof of the consequences of how carnivorous people have become over the past years. Whatever results of fatty and cholesterol-rich foods on their diets, is a “never mind” to eaters.

Carrot tops for example are bitter, herbaceous and stringent but contains the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body. Chickweed is another. So much so with Hourttuynia which the Chinese have citrus accents and to the Japanese have cilantro accents. In most parts of Asia, they are the Alogbate or another form of Spinach. Just like Jute leaves or Saluyot in Asian farms, the leaves relieves indigestion and constipation. If Cleopatra had maintained her silky and soft skin through jute leaves, why can’t other races consume these for a fairer and lovely skin?

Komatzuna is a leafy green that thrives in most countries and popularly prepared for noodles with eggs, pork or beef or chicken mixed with other vegetables. These are only five examples of green leaves suitable and necessary for humans to be consumed as a defense against sickness.

If people are familiar with bitter gourd or bitter melon (ampalaya in the Asian market), the fruits and leaves are both best for diabetis and hypertension, also Malunggay leaves, which are blood regulators and cleansers.

Swamp cabbage or kangkong or potato vine relieves constipation and is now prepared as crispies in restaurants. Sweet potato tops, amaranth, and squash tops are other leafy greens which could be availed in the Asian market especially in the Philippines Visayan region. If carrot leaves are being utilized for the tables, why not try cooking the raddish leaves? They seem to be of the same family except for its white color.

Any form of leafy greens usually are derived as a rich source of food elements which humans need for health and stamina, for beauty care and most of all, long life. It’s nature’s gift to man. Let’s make use of these leaves.

Leafy greens thrive everywhere and had been considered as best source of food for humans. They are good sources of vitamins, mineral and almost all kinds of food nutrients. May people now convert from being carnivorous to being vegetarians? Herbal medicine are mostly from the fruits and green leaves of plants.

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