Washoku Gains UNESCO World Heritage Award for Japan

Previously, it was French, but now, it’s Japanese … Washoku! Traditional Japanese food holds the prized designation from UNESCO as an addition to its list of cultural heritage. But it's not just about differences in sushi and sashimi.

Washoku – wa, meaning ‘food’ and shoku, meaning ‘harmony’, is Japanese cooking which includes seasonal ingredients, unique taste and aesthetic presentation. To promote the healthful and balanced diets, Washoku is now a 900-Page book containing lessons in food preparation and presentation in tables. 90 pages of this are concentrated to basics.

Elizabeth Andoh, who lived in Japan for 40 years, wrote the book and won an IACP award, yet, it was less appreciated. Andoh desires to share her know-how of Japanese cuisine. According to Masanori Aoyagi, Commissioner of Japan’s Cultural Affairs Agency, Washoku cooking is less in calorie and healthful, gives Japanese a feeling of cohesion and intended for World Health.

Fast foods, chain stores and restaurants now dominate the diners’ world. A possibility of people to turn-away from traditional food is expected these years. Others forecast that traditional preparations might be wiped out.

However, people must also consider their health first and foremost. Every family must cooperate and maintain its own healthful dining at home to achieve national health. From national health is world health.

Japan has given an example. Once traditional meals enter the world market as a business, nationals of that country could encourage friends to patronize their food. Other foreign diners will be attracted to such food as Washoku, which are so attractive at the tables, plus the taste and nutritive values derived from it.

Visitors are trafficking Japan to study their culture, businesses, and tourist spots, and bring home invitation of what attracted them there. Washoku would never be forgotten and relayed by mouth, the wonderful food which a visitor experienced in Japan.

Fish and vegetables are the primary seasonal ingredients of Washoku. Encouraging other Japanese to invest in the business could preserve the traditional food which some say is going to be turned-away. Washoku is free from animal oil and fats. The traditional food industry will help reduce obesity rate and provide long life. The whole world should recognize this prized designation for Japan. The country deserves to be in the World Heritage list.

Japan has gained the latest World Heritage Award through its Washoku, or Japanese cooking with seasonal ingredients, good taste, very healthful and aesthetically presented. Praises there be for Japan for preserving their culture.

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