A National Pride - Maharlika Filipino Moderno in New York

Maharlika Filipino Moderno started as a temporary restaurant, traveling from one street to another and finally settled down some street in New York. Now a restaurant, it has brought the Philippines on the spot in the United States like the Park's Finest through the delicious, exotic recipes Filipinos surely love, and now foreigners are beginning to fall in love with this place too.

Every table is set with various condiments which are definitely a ‘must’ in every Filipino recipe. Each guest should approve whatever condiment added he wants, to provide a more satisfying taste with a little more salt, vinegar or spice perhaps. These condiments made up vinegar, made from sugarcane juices mixed with garlic, ginger and “siling labuyo” or the smaller versions of peppers, that guarantees it can be that hot! A calamansi flavored soy sauce is always present plus the original Filipino banana ketchup.

You will be delighted tasting the Filipino Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali. There are of course the original menus such as the world renowned “adobo” and “sisig” by the Pampanguenos. The management however, devised a way to enhance the flavors and make sure everything is just fresh in terms of ingredients. A clean and inviting presentation is also emphasized  making sure everything looks great and taste good too.

The sauces of each dish are authentic and vegetables are prepared and served immediately. Kare-kare and menudo are presented at its best, taking on a new look sometimes, but does not forget the Filipino way of cooking it. Desserts are perfect, with the traditional halo-halo and some leche flan on the side. Try also the bibingka - a tasty rice cake popular every Christmas season in the Philippines.

People loved Maharlika Filipino Moderno because aside from the authentic Filipino food, the ambiance is great. There are amazing frames on the wall which gives a homey feeling in a person’s heart. Aside from the food actually, a Filipino restaurant like Maharlika Filipino Moderno focuses on their service the way. Meaning, everything is done with warmth and love, which is the real secret why the dishes are tremendously unforgettable. Filipinos have this way to make you and your stay special, and will give you the dining experience you are looking for. Surely,you will be coming back for more.

Visit Maharlika Filipino Moderno when in New York for a truly exotic dining pleasure.
Location: 111 First Avenue at Seventh Street, New York, New York

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