Cool Down at Halowich in Boracay

Boracay is one of the most important treasures of the Philippines. The place has blossomed the tourism of the country. Not only that it has beautiful beaches but it also has fabulous list of restaurants which a tourist can’t resist. One of the best restaurants in Boracay is Halowich. It is famous for so many reasons.

Location. Halowich is located in D’Mall. This mall is one of the most renowned malls in Boracay. Every day, you’ll see thousands of people who go here - foreigners and locals, alike. Thus, Halowich’s location is very strategic. It is very accessible to a lot of people. It can also entice more mall-goers as they need refreshments after a day of walk.

Exterior and Interior Design. Halowich’s physical makeup is superb. Its bright red color is very enticing in the eyes. Anyone can easily be attracted to this store. Its exterior design is very elegant. It has that minimalistic style. You can line it up to dozen elegant European restaurants and international Asian eateries. Moreover, its interior is as beautiful as the exterior. It also has that minimal design which makes it more elegant. The menus are well designed and very easy to read.

Utensils. Their sets of utensils are very trendy. They have colored, transparent spoon, fork and bowl, which compliment the main concept of the restaurant.

Service. The servers are very accommodating. They embody the Filipino value of hospitality. They always wear smile which adds up in the refreshment customers receive from each spoon of Ice Cream.

Food. You can give five stars in their food. They have various choices from smoothies to ice cream. Indeed, their food is very refreshing. The tiredness will dissipate once you take a spoon of their famous ice cream.

Price. The price is very reasonable. For example, they have this Couple Bowl which is good for 4, for only P280. But if you see it for real, this bowl is big for 4 persons. Among Filipino restaurants in Boracay, Halowich is one of the most affordable eating places.

So if you are looking for one of the best restaurant in Boracay, go to Halowich—you will never regret it.

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