Pizza Hut SM Bicutan, Tuscani Singles is Really a Must-Try

This post was originally published when the promo was launched by Pizza Hut back in 2011.

I think in my previous life I was born Italian. That is how much I love Italian food. I think pizzas and pasta are special gifts from God. They are really the best for me. American food is okay, but when I eat Italian food, I feel specially blessed. That is why I frequented Vapiano in Riyadh whenever I crave for Italian food.

Now, when I was in Manila for a vacation, I tried to bring my daughter in various restaurant. But she has a very simple choices. When we had a visit in SM Bicutan for something to buy in the grocery, she asked to eat pizza. Pizza Hut was nearby so opted to have a light meals. We tried their new Tuscan Singles and I thought, that would be enough for the two of us ordering two different toppings/flavor

If you're regular patron in pizza Hut you must have tried Tuscani Supremo, Pesto Chicken Penne, Garlic Parmesan, Burnin' Hot Buffalo and Family Olive Garden Salad. For drinks, the usual house blend iced tea and for desserts, mango panna cotta and dip-licious are the usual favorites. These meals are just enough to satisfy your hunger and the time spent in the restaurant.

Now, let me talk about the Tuscani Singles that are just the one-person serving of the Supremo for those who have not tried it yet. This is one pizza for those who love crispy thin crust pizzas. You can choose from Premium All Meat, Gourmet BBQ Chicken and 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach. All of them sounds good, right? You can also try the ultimate pizza. It has olives, bell pepper, garlic, Italian sausage, mozzarella, mushrooms, onion, parmesan, smoked ham, and pepperoni. What makes the Tuscani Singles really good was that the crust is crispy and yet the inside is soft. It is not like the other thin crust pizzas from the other restaurant. The toppings are also great, really fresh and juicy. Well, of course I couldn't compare this almost fastfood Italian food in Pizza Hut, but just for a light snacks would be fine. Surely, my daughter enjoyed the pizza - well we were a bit hungry at that time.

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