What You Need to Know about Tefal Thermo-Spot

Do you want to fry your food perfectly? Tefal has this another brilliant innovation making frying substantial. This is the Tefal Thermo-Spot. It is 28 cm regular-depth frying pan, being made from aluminum in a usual black design. Furthermore, this too has an anti-abrasion copper speckled base which makes it exceptionally tough and hard-wearing. Because of its element as Thermo-Spot, it enables to show you when it is entirely pre-heated in order to seal in the flavor of your food. Stirring and tossing your food becomes easy and possible since it is a non-stick pan and has a Bakelite handle. So far this is one of the most sought after cookware in the market today.

Many people are already using non-stick pans in their homes. However, not all non-stick pans are the same. Here are some guidelines that will help you on how to use the Tefal Thermo-Spot. Starting with its features at the center is a bright red dot with small, brighter red lines running through it. This red dot turns bright red when the pan is placed over heat for a few minutes, and this when the red dot activates. It simply shows that once the dot turns bright red already, it is an indication that your pan is pre-heated and ready to use.

People might wonder why there are needed guidelines with regards to its usage. It is because, as being mentioned above, not all non-stick pans are the same. You have to consider that there are some that has the same features as Tefal Thermo-Spot particularly the red dot indicator but has no function at all. It is best to inform the people that they should be aware of its function and effective usage.

Added to it, cleaning of this kind of pan is dishwasher safe. Washing it is so quickly in which the food smoothly wipes out from the pan. This gives no effort at all when cleaning. So far, I am happy using this  Tefal Thermo-Spot for my everyday cooking.


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