Rice + Tuyo + Carabao's Milk: A Formula to an Exciting Breakfast

What's the best way to start the day? Breakfast. We Filipinos have varieties of ideas and ways to turn even a simple morning meal into a healthy and exciting treat. There are tons of Filipino dishes that can be hold as Philippines' trademarks, such as TapSiLog - a combination of tapa (dried beef), sinangag (most commonly known as fried rice) and itlog (egg), rice with fish, bagoong (fish paste) and kamatis (tomato) and any other food combinations.

And as we speak of breakfast and Filipino cuisine, a usual way of Filipino-styled one is that with milk. The usual style and scenarios during morning meals in the Philippines will never be complete without milk, since it is included in the Filipino dishes. Of course it wouldn't be Filipino-like if it wasn't the traditional carabao's milk, since Carabao is deemed as the national animal of the Philippines. It is also a good beverage especially in the morning for it serves as an intake of calcium. However, it would be better and advisable to drink fresh carabao's milk instead of buying processed ones that are stored in cans or cartons.

Now that we have carabao's milk as our drink, let's get to our main Filipino dish: the tuyo (dried fish) and rice. It doesn't necessarily have to be a particular type of fish (or the usual small fishes packed in a plastic container which can be bought in nearby stores), since any of those being dried in the process can be considered as tuyo (there are instances that big sizes of milkfish are being processed).

Usually, as it falls under the category of traditional Filipino dish, some would just eat rice with tuyo simply with tomato or vinegar with fish sauce. But we may also add some twists to it. For example, caraba'so milk is not just for drinking and doesn't serve as a potable alone, it may also serve as soup when added or mixed with rice. The dried fish or tuyo on the other hand is the viand, and may just be perfect when mixed with both milk and rice, since they have different tastes (sweet and salty) that complement each other.

There may be a lot of Filipinos who haven't tried this, but based from numerous experiences, it is guaranteed that eating such is pleasing, and can be added to pride of the Filipinos. It is great and overwhelming that there are still Filipinos who follow the common way of Filipino breakfast, but it is not bad to have a change of style sometimes, as it proves how Filipinos are being creative in terms of adding a twist into our beloved Filipino dishes.

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