My Romance with Pancake

I've been playing around with recipes of pancake at a young age. I used to cook pancakes buying whatever flour is available in the sari-sari store. As far as I can remember, I’ve been liking pancakes ever since.

During my elementary days, I was always asked by my sisters to prepare pancakes for merienda. I would buy any flour available in the sari-sari store, some eggs, sugar and baking powder. Then, without any measurements, I would beat the eggs, add the flour and sugar then the baking powder. I would grease the pan with a little oil, then put some of the pancake mixture and wait until some bubbles pop on top. I would then turn and wait a little more until it was cooked. We will spread some margarine on top and sprinkle some sugar. We made it special if we had some sugar syrup but very rarely. Then that’s it, we had finished eating the pancakes just every time I cooked one. A simple merienda that we made special on any given summer vacation days when we were young.

Growing up, we still try to do this whenever possible.  When I studied food technology in college, I then became fascinated with how every process a food undergoes especially when cooking. I then realized, I had to measure my pancake recipe to obtain consistent taste and texture. I should be using the right flour to obtain a softer or more palatable pancake. I was even introduced of using rice flour for pancakes when I did my thesis on rice flour varieties for pasta processing.

Later on when I worked for a bakery ingredients company, I had more in depth knowledge not only about pancakes, but everything about bakery products. I then found out that there are a number of ingredients we can use for pancake to improve its taste and texture. I even tried during my spare time at work preparing instant pancake recipe premix. Even if at that time, there were a number of instant pancake premix in groceries and supermarkets, I tried to examine how to create my own pancake premix recipe. I had once a product development for the company to create our own brand, but it didn’t succeeded at that time, and it was a low priority project.

Until this time, I still like eating pancake even for breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner. I don’t know why I’ve been crazy eating this soft and fluffy food, even if I know I can have a lot of calories taking into my body. In one sitting, I can eat as many pancakes I can even with any additional topping or side dish, and even with just butter and syrup. Well, I think my romance with pancakes will still continue as long as a live.

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