Al-Nafoura Restaurant - Riyadh, KSA

NOTE:  Dear Readers, This is not the company website of Al Nafoura. This is just a review of the food they serve.  You can leave any comments regarding their employees on their website.  Visit it here.

Consisting primarily of Saudi foods in general in the menu, Al-Nafoura Restaurant – Riyadh, KSA is the ultimate choice of restaurant by most locals and expats alike.

They also serve Lebanese foods, that’s why a lot of expats visit this restaurant.  The restaurant structure is uniquely Al-Nafoura.

Grilled Chicken

One visit at Al-Nafoura Restaurant – Riyadh, KSA is enjoyable, I should say.  I like the taste of their food. I find their grilled chicken bland, which I prefer because it has less salt and spices.  They also have their own version of vermicellli noodles similar to Pancit by Filipinos.

Four Seasons Juice

You can select from a wide variety of fruit juices in the drink list.  The most favorite by most who dine here is the Four Seasons. They serve their fruits juice/shake without sugar or milk.

I personally suggest this restaurant for those who likes less spicy, or less salty and sugary meal.