Tokyo Restaurant riyadh miso soup saladTokyo Restaurant offers traditional Japanese and so far is my favorite among all others. This restaurant is literally the first one I dined in upon my first arrival in Riyadh way back in 2009. From then on, I visit this every now and then with friends whenever we crave for real Japanese food. You can be sure you’ll like the food here – as you can verify that by the number of patrons especially Japanese expatriates here in Riyadh.

This Japanese Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the primary choice of both locals and expats alike in terms of authenticity of their dish. Carefully prepared and cooked by Japanese chefs, Tokyo Restaurant is the supreme in traditional Japanese cuisine in Riyadh. Even if there are more Japanese restaurants being opened in Riyadh, you can taste the difference in their food.

Prior to the building renovation in mid-2012 as per my recall, the restaurant looked and felt rustic yet the place is homey. The place was comfortable and more like an old Japanese house. Now, Tokyo Restaurant is transformed into a more modern Japanese structure it for some reason, the dining area less spacious – well at least the place of single section. I think, I like the old structure.

But basically, the food remains of good quality and as ever delicious. The price is just right because you will be satisfied with whatever dish you try to taste. We have our all time favorites like the Prawn Tempura, Salmon Teriyaki, Yakisoba and form time to time – we’ve been trying any of the available sushi, sashimi or maki.

Tokyo Restaurant riyadh prawna tempura Tokyo Restaurant riyadh salmom teriyaki Tokyo Restaurant riyadh yakisoba

Here in Tokyo Restaurant in Riyadh, you will be welcomed with complimentary bowls of miso soup and fresh vegetable salad. I must say, that I really love this starter as the soup is full of flavors having pieces of tofu and seaweeds. The vegetable salad has this sweet-sour vinaigrette that matches the freshness. Based on frequent visits, the Prawn Tempura is always fresh with crunchy breading and has consistent quality of Salmon Teriyaki and Yakisoba. You must not miss ordering  a pitcher of cold green tea.

This time we tried this scallop sushi that looked unappealing but tasted very good. For this visit, we had total bill of SAR243 and we are very full and satisfied. I guess, the meal can be good for three persons as we had leftovers taken home.

Tokyo Restaurant riyadh scallop sushi  Having heard that Tokyo Restaurant is the first of its kind in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I believe it remains to be the favorite of  local and expats even if there are changes maybe from the chefs, management or staff and the actual building.

Tokyo Restaurant is located in Al Urubah Road, near the intersection with King Abdul Aziz Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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