Facade of Cafe Bateel in Riyadh

Facade of Cafe Bateel in Riyadh

We were saving a visit to Cafe Bateel for a lavish breakfast soon but an early dinner was happened instead.  From the outside facade, the restaurant seemed a fine dining one so I was thinking a dine in must be done whenever you want a satisfactory breakfast.

Cafe Bateel is located along Thalia Street across the Localizer Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As you enter the restaurant, your eyes will feast with a wide selection of French pastries and high quality dates. On the first floor behind the showcase of desserts and pastries is the bachelors section while you can take the stairs going to the Family section. The visit to Cafe Bateel was made after the Ramadan days, so we’re not expecting the place to be full and it was an early dinner so there were a few people dining in. The dining attendant was very helpful and he was stating that during the evenings of previous weeks, the restaurant was too busy to the point that the spacious single section was being occupied by families as well.

The dinner menu of cafe Bateel in Riyadh consists of Italian food. As mentioned, the foundation of the cuisine is Bateel’s Umbrian collection – an exclusive range of authentic natural ingredients strategically sourced from top producers in the Italian countryside. On the other hand, the range of pastries are from various types of French desserts. You can also purchase gourmet foods like premium dates, extra virgin olive oil, date balsamic vinegar, various jams and jellies among others.

The Food at Cafe Bateel – Riyadh

At the time of visit, we were immediately served with complimentary breads. I must mention this because when the bread was dipped with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I was surprised with the sweet-tangy taste of the date balsamic vinegar that made me finished them all. For the main course, we had Seafood Risotto and Lamb Loin for sharing. The Seafood Risotto of Bateel contains arborio rice with lobster tail, mussels, scallops, squid and prawns on top. The base broth is tomato lobster bisque and seasoned with parsley and coriander – of course with Parmesan. The taste was really pleasant  and the rice was cooked right. On the other hand, the Lamb Loin of Bateel was very tender and succulent that the meat almost melts in your mouth without any lamb-aftertaste. The potato gratin on the side was lovely and green beans, artichokes and fava beans were cooked right. The morel mushroom sauce was the right combination with the grilled lamb.
Cafe Bateel Riyadh compliments Cafe Bateel Riyadh lamb loin Cafe Bateel Riyadh risotto

For the dessert, we had Bateel’s Toffee Pudding. The pudding complimented well with the toffee sauce to which I was certain it had date syrup or puree on it. The vanilla ice cream was not over powering while the pecan nuts was caramelly sweet and crispy. You should also bite the premium quality dates on the side for every spoon of the pudding. When I sipped my Japanese green tea, it was a perfect match with the toffee pudding.
Cafe Bateel Riyadh dates Cafe Bateel Riyadh pudding Cafe Bateel Riyadh teaIn final thought, the experience of dining in Cafe Bateel was excellent in terms of ambiance, food and service. The restaurant can be among one of the favorite here in Riyadh. Cafe Bateel is located along Thalia Street, in front of Localizer Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Contact details:
Tel: 011 239 6355
Website: http://www.bateel.com

Cafe Bateel is also available in various locations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.