test tube burger

Are you ready to try test tube burgers? Yes, we are talking about test tube burgers. They are synthetically produced in the laboratory and ready for consumption. At least that is what the scientists are saying. These cultured burgers are like the skin grafts produced in the laboratory. In skin grafts, part of the skin are taken from the person and then cultured. Under the same principle, these burgers are grown from cow stem cells. It takes three months to grow them into real meat.

Now, this is what makes this thing really interesting. You know Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google? Brin invested £250,000 (about +/- $330,000) on the research. He believes that this will ultimately transform the world. Well, let us hope he is right. This can actually end world hunger. These cultured burgers can be the ultimate environmental friendly farming. Moreover, it can be healthier. According to the scientists who cultured the burgers, the beef has no fat so it is the healthy alternative to high cholesterol beef.

On the down side of the test tube burgers, some of those who have tasted the beef said that it taste almost the same. Almost can mean a lot of things. Well, in this case, it means that the beef tastes a little dry and bland. Well this is because of the absence of fat. That is what you get for wanting healthy beef. Maybe in the near future the scientists can culture not just cultured burgers but also meat with fat for those who want their beef to taste more like the real thing. In that case, it will also be less healthy. Consumers always get what they want so this is not impossible. Once it is mass produced, the cultured burgers can be exactly what consumers want. If you consider that, it can be another revolutionary way to produce and market meat.  Although most people still consider organic burgers, maybe – maybe, test tube burger can be a solution to healthy burgers.

Are you ready to taste test tube burgers? Well, you have 10 years to decide. The meat was launched in London this year but it would take 10 to 20 years before the meat can be produced commercially. By that time, you can also expect other meat, such as pork and chicken, to be cultured. Hopefully they taste the same, if not better than what nature provides.

Screenshot image taken from video of the Sky News www.news.sky.com

Here is the link for more detailed story about this test tube burger from Sky News Team: www.news.sky.com/story/1124439/test-tube-burger-served-up-for-first-time