Bibingka is a kind of rice cake we Filipinos love and it is traditionally popular during Christmas season.  The main ingredients of Bibingka are rice flour or galapong and coconut milk. In various preparations, fresh milk or other flours may be used. In addition, secondary ingredients are used to improved taste and texture like eggs, cheese and salted duck eggs.

Whenever we Pinoys visit our hometown, we always look for local Bibingka available. Especially on Christmas season, during our holiday vacation, we take time to really enjoy the taste of Bibingkang Pasko. We always call this as Bibingkang Pasko because there are other Bibingka varieties that can be available. So to make it more particular, we call it Bibingkang Pasko.

In my hometown in Nueva Ecija, locals who cook Bibingka are getting lesser and lesser. My Nanay said once that the oldies who bakes real tasty and traditional bibingkas had gone long time ago. An authentic bibingka is made from wet-pressed or wet-ground rice flour. The rice or malagkit at times being used is soaked in water, then pressed using the grinder made from carved stone.

Authentic Bibingka

I notice this each time I spend my Christmas season in my home town, the people we know are not selling bibingka anymore. Once, we needed to travel to the next barangay to look for bibingka being sold along the streets. We didn’t notice that we reached the next town in search for a truly traditionally baked bibingka. Or maybe at this time, I was just too late to tell my sister that I crave for bibingka. Many who sells this in the province usually packs up very early whenever they finish what they sell. To our surprise, we found this one and it tastes really authentic. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a clear photos. I only had my iPod touch at that time. Maybe, we were too busy enjoying the bibingka and we finished it immediately.