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Anyone who has moved from a fairly physical or outdoors job to a more stationary office job is sure to have noticed a difference in their eating habits. Office work can easily contribute towards an unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle; the countless hours spent sat at a desk don’t exactly offer much in the way of exercise, and can easily create a huge appetite when boredom starts to set in.

The best way to remain healthy and keep off the extra pounds when working in an office environment is to control your eating and keep to a diet that offers enough energy to fuel your mind, fills you enough to sate your appetite and is tasty enough to satisfy cravings. Here are a few great snacks that will help you keep healthy in the office!

Fruit Salad

Starting with the most obvious items on our list, fruit is a sweet, simple snack that can calm hungry bellies before lunch or accompany a healthy dish at lunch to rid you of any last feelings of hunger. Keep things interesting by creating a tasty fruit salad before heading out to work; a mixture of chopped banana, grapes, strawberries, tangerine segments, chopped melon, pineapple chunks and kiwi offers enough variety and sweet tasting fruit to keep cravings for chocolate bars and crisps at bay. Try and keep each serving at 400 calories to create a perfect meal that eliminates the need for brunch bacon sandwiches and alike!


For a crunchy savoury snack, pick up a packet of rye crisp crackers and a pot of low-fat hummus to spread on top for a delicious, simple snack that can satisfy that urge to bite down into something crispy. Low fat hummus serves as a delicious topping for the crackers, but for those who aren’t too keen, try a thin spread of low fat cream cheese or reduced fat and salt peanut butter.


Many people like to head into town to buy their lunch; it offers an hour outdoors, away from the office and gives you a much wider selection of treats to choose from.  Succumbing to the temptations of a fatty lunch however is all too easy, so heading out with a healthy and nutritious dish in mind is key.

Sushi is a fantastic lunch dish, it offers the filling qualities of the rice, the protein of the fish or chicken and the low-calorie count found in many oriental meals. Again, try and keep the calorie count at around 400 per serving; larger helpings are likely to contain more calories than this, so split the eating up into two sittings if appropriate. 

Appetite Busters

The hardest obstacle to overcome when keeping a healthy diet is that in the mind; packing your bag with a perfect combination of dietary snacks is all well and good, but if your discipline goes out of the window once your tummy starts to rumble, it’s likely that you need some handy tricks to keep your appetite under control.

As odd as it may sound, feelings of hunger can often come from being dehydrated. If you have eaten a sufficient amount and still crave snacks, drink a pint of water and wait 15 minutes, chances are your stomach will settle and you’ll forget all about your cravings for a while.

Keeping busy is a good way to eliminate boredom and ultimately, the hunger that comes with it. Keep your mind on your work; if you’re putting off those monthly reports, get into them, if you have a call to make, make it. If your mind is elsewhere, your stomach won’t bother you half as much as it previously would.

Keeping a healthy diet in an office environment is vital; a cheeky treat once in a while isn’t going to hurt, but remaining disciplined and keeping your diet under control is a must when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

About the Contributor: This article was written by Alexandra Jackson, an experienced blogger on behalf of Prepol who offers sealing solutions to enhance the safety and hygiene of food manufacturing.