BBQ Chicken Riyadh Saudi Arabia (5)Here’s one restaurant in Riyadh serving chicken. Well, this is no extraordinary. There are a lot of restaurants specializing chicken dishes of course. But this one claims their chicken is best of the best quality. The restaurant also has a tag line ‘Great Taste, Eat Fresh’. Well, the main difference is that this restaurant uses 100% olive oil in frying and most cooking preparations in every food in their menu. Olive oil is in fact makes your food healthier to eat because of the health benefits of using olive oil.

The restaurant is called BBQ Chicken. Well, the BBQ does not stand for barbeque but for Best of the Best Quality. The name may sound very ordinary but it seems they are gaining more followers here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This restaurant for sure is a franchise, but browsing the Internet, I couldn’t distinguish which country it come from. But it seems it originated from Korea. There are stores in USA, China, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Spain.

The restaurant dining area looks modern and hip with a touch of Asian-style furniture (but not exactly). Well, I don’t know why I feel like dining in an Asian restaurant visiting BBQ Chicken. Maybe also, the look of the chicken in the logo is somehow Korean. The dining staff are presentable and accommodating.

BBQ Chicken Riyadh Saudi Arabia (1)

 The Chicken at BBQ Chicken

For the first try, we ordered Shrimp Spoon Pizza. This was extraordinary because the pizza crust is a cake type. It’s like eating your favorite pancake with so much melted mozzarella and shrimps on top. Then of course, it’s a must to try their Crispy Olive Chicken (of course fried in 100% olive oil). The olive oils seemed not to make the chicken crispy enough. But yes, the taste was good enough with moderate seasoning. On the other hand, the Soybibim Potato Chicken was not that tasty. It lacked the taste of soy sauce and was not appetizing to eat. The Tornado Potato was not enjoyable to eat. It only looked nice and different because of it was on stick.

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On a second try on a different day with other friends here in Riyadh, we had again the Shrimp Spoon Pizza, then Jamaican Barbeque Chicken, and I think this Wok Layou Pasta that was not good at all. The Jamaican Barbeque Chicken was just right.

Overall, the food are filling and can be just right for a hungry stomach.

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I need not to talk more about BBQ Chicken. For sure, many would like to try a different kind of chicken. We all like chicken in various preparation like herb chicken and more.

You can also check their website for Saudi Arabia BBQ Chicken Riyadh Saudi Arabia is located in Olaya Thalateen, near a Panda Supermarket.

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